In for me or not in for me (they’ve all got it in for me)

Being an S.A. is a lesson in humility. You can be featured one day and barely see any action the next. There’s a part of me that wants to be in front of the camera or at least within shot. And I admit this is partly vanity. But then again if I get up early and turn up on time, it seems pointless if I am hanging around the whole day off set. But for the lovely people I meet, this would now be soul destroying.
But I am ashamed to confess that the lure of the lens is intoxicating. The thought that my family and friends and anyone who knows me will be watching a film or TV series one-day (and let’s not forget that I will have given them due notice by any means possible) and then see me. Was that Philip? Yes, I think it was. And there you have it…the trapping of fame. And potentially captured digitally for future generations. Did you know your great, great uncle was a supporting artiste? He was in such and such. You can see him on Netflix.

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