Mad Dogs – more leg, dear

Today I attended an interview/audition to join the books of Mad Dogs Casting. I have lived in Ealing since 1976 and never visited Ealing Studios – the home of Mad Dogs Casting London.

I took a selection of clothes, but they liked the suit I was wearing (which has brought me some good moments in other filming scenarios, and which started its life as my son Matthew’s End of Year Ball outfit). The head of casting thought I was suited (quite literally) for roles as a politician. No comedy there, I thought. No intentional comedy at any rate. And she thought I was not being serious enough when she asked her photographer for more leg and I naturally rolled up my trousers.

I introduced myself to Hattie, through whom via a fellow supporting artiste I had achieved this interview/audition. She agreed that I look like Nigel Havers and Ken Barlow and said she would get me some great work. However in the case of the latter, I would need to relocate to Manchester.

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