My white suit and Panama hat akimbo, my hair sprayed into place and my shades on in the hope if not anticipation of a couple of hours of sunshine, I was ready for my filming today. This was something I had been selected to do 4 months previously, but for one reason or another my contribution had been postponed 2 or 3 times. The weather, a 6 days job I had that clashed and my co-star’s one month old baby had all conspired to delay this ground breaking piece of cinematography. I of course refer to the film Oyster, written and directed by Ryan Hall of Bad Rum Productions.
Five of us converged on a temple in India (more accurately recognised as Alperton).
Alas, no green room or crowd holding area was available, nor even a cafe in which to change into my pristine white suit. This is after walking at least 10 minutes. How do they survive here without coffee houses? Anyway, we found a sandwich bar. I swapped the off white old joffers jacket I was wearing for my white suit jacket and left my pale slim chinos on in place of said white suit trousers and promptly spilt my cappuccino over them. By this time I had been introduced to Vikram who was to play a young tour guide I meet as a retired film producer in India. Ryan the director described the shots he wanted and so off we all went with cameraman and assistant to a nearby temple. Action!
Further detail I cannot share, but the temple officials were becoming agitated by our activity. We were finished within 90 minutes. And then it started to rain.
So, look out for the film Oyster by Bad Rum Productions, which will be released on line within 4-6 weeks, and then entered in a number of competitions.
See you in Cannes.

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