Ray Knight

It is the holy grail for supporting artistes, who speak of it in hushed admiring tones, almost self conscious of their kudos for having been among the chosen ones. The more experienced members refer to the hey days (CHECK) when this was in fact the only one, when an Equity Card was a prerequisite and the latter credential more exclusive and hard to attain. Extras would clamor for membership. This at least has not changed. Today after three or four attempts I too have been enrolled onto the books of Ray Knight Casting. And I feel privileged as well as encouraged.
All the more so because John, who photographed and interviewed me, was charmingly admiring of my appearance and especially my hair. I would be suitable for period pieces (as I had already discovered) and he suggested I have a fashion shoot to present myself as a well-to-do, successful retired gentleman, to be seen on a yacht, for example. I like his style and will present him with the bill for said yacht asap.

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